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The Keys to Safe Boating in 2012

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Due to the increase of watercraft traffic, boating these days is seldom a peaceful and relaxing day on the water because it demands the 100% attention of the boat operator.  Boating safety begins long before you reach the water and planning ahead is necessary for a safe day.  Boating accident fatality averages indicate that as high as 85% were not wearing a life jacket.  Just remember, without following boating safety and etiquette, a great day on the water can turn into a disaster very quickly.

Here are some of keys to a safe year of boating in 2012:

  • Wear your life Jacket.
  • Know and follow the boating "Rules of the Road".
  • Always be alert, respectful and boat sober.
  • Be aware of predicted weather conditions and possible hazards.
  • Carry all required safety devices and know their location in your boat.

Boat operation requires a person with the knowledge and ability to make a split second decision to save a life or avoid an accident. Never let and inexperienced person operate a water craft.

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