(WRCB) -  Georgia Department of Correction officials say two men who escaped from Walker State Prison have been captured.

Prison officials say Buell David Emberson and Fred Dalton Brooks are believed to have fashioned a device that allowed them to breach the fence at the medium security facility Monday night.

The two men were captured around 1:00 p.m. approximately three miles from the institution by prison officials and local police.

"Yes, it is a concern because you never know what people are going to do," Walker County resident, David Cobb says.

It was a night and morning on high alert for prison neighbor David Cobb. That was until a motorcade of Georgia State Police vehicles and the white prisoner van carrying two escaped inmates returned to Walker State Prison.

Channel 3 has learned that Buell Emberson and Fred Brooks managed to climb a fence Monday night.

Sirens blared and search crews checked backyards.
One neighbor says he called the prison but couldn't get answers.

"I said, 'yes ma'am it is a concern because I live just three houses from you'," Michael Kilgore recalls.

On foot and by air, police searched for the inmates.

Emberson was serving time for assault and running from police. Brooks was serving life for kidnapping and armed robbery charges.

The prison usually holds siren tests on Saturday afternoons, so when the neighbors heard them Monday night they knew it was serious.

"We made sure all the windows were locked down," Kilgore says.

"We heard them going crazy and we heard the sirens go off," Cobb recalls. "It went off for like 10 minutes."

A state patrol helicopter landed in a nearby field as officers put the two
right back in prison, where they face even more hard time.

This, of course, put neighbors' minds at ease.