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Sergeant Wysong: 'He has grown up'

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Sgt. Wysong with four-year-old son, Jeremiah. Sgt. Wysong with four-year-old son, Jeremiah.

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- It's been a tough seven months for Sergeant Daniel Wysong.

A member of his unit was killed in October, five others were injured.

Sunday night, the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion returned home from Afghanistan.

But news of the local marine's homecoming was kept secret from four-year-old Jeremiah, who Monday night had the surprise of a lifetime when his dad showed up at Northgate Mall.

"It's been seven months," Sgt. Wysong tells Channel 3. "I've really been looking forward to this for a long time."

Back from his second tour of duty, Sgt. Daniel Wysong couldn't wait to surprise his four-year-old son, Jeremiah.

"He has grown up, grown like a weed," he says. "And he's got a great vocabulary."

The two picked up where they left off, racing through Northgate Mall.

"You're like super fast," Daniel tells his son.

"He is his father's son," Sgt. Wysong says. "He can run."

It's not only Jeremiah who has waited for this day; this Marine has 14 brothers and sisters and two proud parents.

"It's awesome to have that load lifted off of you and to see your prayers answered, to bring him home safely," Daniel's mother Brenda tells Channel 3. "I think he has a scratch across his face, that's it."

Others from Wysong's unit were not so lucky. Charged with locating and destroying improvised explosive devices, or IED's, the unit suffered great loss.

"We lost Lance Corporal Watson," Sgt. Wysong says. "He was killed in action and we had five that were wounded."

"That put fear in my heart," Brenda says. "Daniel's right there too and it was hard."

But now that hardship is softened, by a family reunited that is proud of one marine's service.

"The fact he was willing to give everything for our country and the fact he did it at the drop of a hat," Daniel's brother, Paul says.

Sergeant Wysong says this second tour of duty was his last.

He plans to take Jeremiah to Gatlinburg to celebrate his homecoming.
Wysong has a brother who is in the service. He just returned from Japan and is stationed in North Carolina.

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