CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Stacey Wallace looks at the shattered passenger window of his Ford Mustang.

Friday night, he was driving Wilson Road in Chattanooga when a pickup truck passed him and suddenly a brick came crashing through the passenger window.

"There was just this explosion, and I seen a couple of people on the right," Wallace says. "It all happened so fast I just thought it was an explosion."

Glass shards are scattered throughout the car and the brick is still sitting in the passenger seat.

The second brick lies in the road where everything happened.

That one was aimed at the driver's side door but missed.

The glass-filled passenger seat is the exact spot where Wallace's pregnant girlfriend was sitting prior to the incident.

"It would have hit it in the head. It was a direct shot to the passenger. I am very thankful. I don't think she could have survived that," Wallace says.

Police tell Channel 3 Eyewitness News this has happened in the area before.

Wallace hopes neighbors nearby, who may have seen what happened, will do the right thing and call police if the problem happens again.

You are urged to call Chattanooga Police at (423) 643-5000 if you have any information.