HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB)- A non-profit organization helping people achieve the dream of home ownership is asking for some help of its own. The ReStore in Chattanooga, which raises money to build Habitat for Humanity homes, is in desperate need of donations.

"It's a new beginning," says Tiffany Kyles.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, Kyles is a homeowner, calling a new house off Derby Avenue home.

"It's not a hand out, it's a hand up saying you know, we see what you're trying to accomplish. We see how, you know, that you've worked hard and you're putting in the time and the effort," says Kyles.

Part of the funds used to build Tiffany's home and all other Habitat homes across the country come from the ReStore.

"We take in building materials, tools, lumber, things that help build a house. As well as furniture, appliances, cabinets," says Tina Shaw Cox, with ReStore.

Cox works for the ReStore in Chattanooga. A few years ago the store expanded to a 9,000 square foot facility in order to help more families.

The only problem?

"I would say overall, our donations are down about 48 percent," she says.

The store usually brings in around $350,000 a year but last year they came up about $100,000 short.

"We have like 12 windows. Which that's unseen for us," says Cox.

All the money from the materials sold go to Habitat. Cox says with construction being down, they have taken a hit.

"We used to get, you know, at least three or four truck loads from certain suppliers around town and certain contractors and now they just don't have the stuff anymore. They're not building as much," she says.

Kay Mount just bought a home and comes to the ReStore to find good deals. But that is not the only reason. She knows someone like Tiffany is getting something out of it as well.

"That's why I love shopping here because I feel like I'm not just helping myself, I'm helping other people too," says Mount.

Any donations made to ReStore are a tax write-off. Plus, ReStore has a free pick up service if you are looking to donate furniture or appliances.

For more information on the pick up service or how to help, call 423-634-1004 or click here: chattanoogarestore.org