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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Dangerous road could lead to disaster

RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) -- Mill Lane is Ringgold is narrow, and one father says very few obey the 25 mile per hour speed limit. He says it's gotten so bad that he won't even let his children play in the front yard.

"It's scary, what happens if they come around that corner, go off the road and hit my kids," said Thomas Hayes a father of two.

Hayes more than just a concerned parent. He's frightened. Frightened it's going to take a worst case scenario for something to be done about the speeders Mill Lane, "I've tried, I've went to county commission meetings, I've went to the sheriff's dept. It's frustrating that nobody cares."

He's not the only one complaining. Neighbors say every morning and every evening busy bodies race up and down this street, most using it to cut off the busy four way intersection of Three Notch and Boyton.

Hayes and his father, who lives next door, have had 3 mailboxes knocked out, and will not let the children outside to wait for the bus.

"The speed limit is 25 mph, visually you can tell when they're speeding. It doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer to tell whether he's driving 35, 40 or even faster," said Joseph Hayes.

We weren't there for rush hour, we still noticed a hand full of cars that didn't pass the eye test for under 25 mph.

Thomas said, "ideally speed bumps would help, but it won't be permanent, a permanent solution would be to close one of the ends off."

3 on Your Side called the Catoosa County Manager several times to see what could be done, but he didn't return our calls by show time.

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