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'Boss Hogg's robbery straight out of Hollywood; suspects caught

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- From the sign on the door, to the Confederate Battle Flag next to the kitchen, it's clear why Wanda Sue and Randy Overton named their beer and burger joint at 1601 W. 23rd Street 'Boss Hogg's.'

"We both liked 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' she says.

But what happened just before 1 o'clock Saturday night, going into Sunday morning, could have been straight out of "Boyz in the Hood' or 'Pulp Fiction.'

"Officers responded to a robbery," Chattanooga Police public information officer Nathan Hartwig says. "We had three or four suspects coming in."

Boss Hogg's was full of customers, singing karaoke with Randy, or playing darts in the back room.

"They (the gunmen) put me down on the floor in the kitchen," Wanda Sue says.

"At least one was armed with a rifle," Ofc. Hartwig says.

"They had AK's," Wanda Sue says. "I don't know exactly guns. But I know what that one looks like."

"They shot straight up into the ceiling," she says. "It went straight through to the roof."

And bought everybody's attention. And cooperation.

"They put a gun to one of the boy's heads," Wanda Sue says. "And just begun to rob them."

The cash register.

The tips in Boss Hogg's piggy banks.

"Pocketbooks; they took cell phones. I think they took everybody's cell phones," Wanda Sue says.

Nobody was hurt. It's not clear how much the robbers took. But they left several clues.

"They asked me to take a look at some security video from the Family Dollar on Rossville Boulevard," Wanda Sue says. "Those guys wore the same shoes on a Thursday night, as they did on a Saturday night here."

Police have charged three people with Aggravated Robbery; 29-year-old Tristan Cooper, and two juveniles, ages 16 and 14.

"I didn't know their ages until I got texted this (Wednesday) morning," Wanda Sue says. "They were professionals, I guarantee you. They've got to be pro's."

Police are seeking a fourth suspect. They will not say whether it's an adult or juvenile, nor whether they believe the juveniles arrested are gang members.

"We can't get into any of the specifics of how the arrests were made," Ofc. Hartwig says.

The Overton's are shaken, but they won't be stirred.

"Not when you've faced death once before, like I have," Wanda Sue says. She's survived bouts of lung and esophageal cancer.

"I'll be here, it's a good way to make a living."

She plans to install floodlights, and a door bar. Customers will have to be admitted at night.

She may add security cameras. But she won't carry a gun.

"All you'd do is get yourself killed," she says. "Against those kind of guns, let them have the stuff."

"It's not worth no one's life. It's not worth it."

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