(WRCB) - After missing for more than 48 hours, the body of 74-year-old Dixie Brown was brought down the mountain Tuesday.

"She'd been there, by all indications at least a day or two days," says Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett.  

Dixie was last seen by a neighbor around 4:00 Sunday morning. It was the last time she was seen alive.

"I know they're relieved to find her," Greg Hall says. "I just hate we couldn't find her alive."

Hall and Aaron Carver are a part of Floyd County's mounted patrol. They are the ones who found Dixie about a half mile up the mountain. But it wasn't easy, she was wearing a camouflage jacket.

"The mule's ears went straight up," Hall explains. "Naturally I knew she saw something and we looked over to the left and a dog jumped and then that's when I spotted the body laying there."

Dixie was last seen holding a dog. Her dog "Baby" was returned to family.

"The little dog stayed right there with her," Hall says.  

However, for volunteers like Brian Howell, Dixie's death is personal.

"My momma got the same thing and she always said never put her in a complex or home. It's the same little incident with this woman right here," says Howell. "I said I'd be the one that found her, because I know these woods better than anybody."

Despite Howell's efforts, and the efforts of every agency involved, no one could find Dixie in time.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," says Howell.

The body was taken to Atlanta for an autopsy and to determine an exact cause of death.


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