HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB)- Students at Silverdale Baptist Academy returned to class Monday with one of their fellow classmates not there. Eighteen-year-old Tony Baughman, a Senior, died Friday after a rush hour traffic accident on I-75.

Monday the school held a memorial service to help students get through the loss.

For classmates of 18-year-old Tony Baughman, it was a time of prayer.

"Lord, give us courage to be strong. Give us peace and understanding in his death. Give us the faith to believe that somehow, something good will come out of this," prayed Silverdale Senior Josh Million.

It was also a time for mourning, healing and remembering.

"Love never goes away. It never dies. Our love for Tony will never die. His love for us is never going to die. The memories you have of him, the one's you're getting today, those will never die," says Silverdale Headmaster Becky Hansard.

Arm in arm, Tony's closest friends came together.

His entire soccer team and fellow seniors shared stories of Tony, saying they lost a brother.

"Tony was genuine. He was one of a kind. He had a servant's heart," says friend and classmate Logan Herring.

School leaders also took the time to pray over 17-year-old Logan Fowler. He was in the car with Tony and walked away with minor injuries.

"lord, I'm not asking for him to forget. I'm asking for the pain and the spirit of trauma to leave him."

Some of Tony's closest friends say despite their great loss, they have some comfort.

They were able to talk with a woman who witnessed the crash and ran to Tony's side, praying with him.@

"She said if you can hear me, squeeze my hand. And he squeezed her hand. He squeezed it. And we know that he was listening to her. He was not alone when he passed. He was in the comfort of the Lord" says close friend, Thomas Leslie.

Although they will never completely understand, they are turning to faith and their memories to stay strong.

"Let us remember him for who he was and life that he lived. Because he did live," prayed Leslie.

Silverdale let out early Monday so students and staff could attend Tony's funeral.

He will be buried at Catoosa Memorial Gardens.