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Students, co-workers remember Silverdale teen

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Students and friends are mourning the loss of a high school senior killed in a car accident on I-75. It happened during rush hour Friday evening near the Tennessee-Georgia border.

Eighteen-year-old Tony Baughman was a senior at Silverdale Baptist Academy. He also worked at the Bruster's in East Brainerd. His friends and co-workers say it is his big personality they will remember the most.

"He made us smile. He was a wonderful young man," says Renee Jones, General Manager at Bruster's Ice Cream.

Tony was know for making people laugh.

"A jokester. He always had to have fun. You never knew exactly what he was going to do or what he might say," says Jones.

Tony worked at the Bruster's in East Brainerd for the past year and a half. The marque now has a message for his family.

A senior at Silverdale Baptist Academy, fellow students and family members gathered at the church Friday night to remember him.

"I mean, there was a lot of sorrow and pain, but everybody needed it. We sang praise songs and stuff. We know that right now, God's the only person that can get us through this," says Ashlee Turner.

Turner is a senior at Silverdale as well and worked with Tony.

"We became inseparable. And everyday we worked together, we'd have our car rides. He'd always take me back to my house," says Turner.

She says it is so hard to lose such a close friend.

"He had like such a good heart. And he did love others. And that's one thing I can look back on, is how he tried to put a smile to everybody's face," says Turner.

"He had a great personality. He'd always come into work smiling and he'd always make everybody's day go better if they were having a bad day," says co-worker Alexis Scroggins.

"If I could see him one more time, that I love him and that he was such a great friend to me. And I consider him a brother," says Turner.

"I pray for his brother and his mom and his dad. I pray for all of his family because I know that Tony was a great guy and in know that they're going to miss him a lot. And I pray and I hope they know he's going to be looking down on him," says Scroggins.

Another Silverdale senior, Logan Fowler, was in the car during the crash as well. We are told he suffered minor injuries.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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