ELMORE COUNTY, AL (WRCB) -- Channel 3 Eyewitness News has confirmed that Matt Palmgren, the widower of Gail Palmgren, has been arrested in Elmore County, Alabama on a trespassing charge.

Palmgren was taken into custody Thursday evening near where he has a lake home.

According to Palmgren's attorney Bryan Hoss, Arlene Durham pressed charges against Matt claiming that he trespassed on to her property back in November. A warrant was issued based on her complaint, which lead to his arrest.

Durham claims that Matt had entered a barn next to her house where she kept hay and feed for her horses on November 9, 2011 without her permission, which was when she filed her complaint. 

She said she threw away all of the hay and feed, on the advice of her veterinarian. "It was cheaper to throw it away than to pay $150 per bag to have it tested," Durham said.

Officials in Elmore County say a formal report won't be available until Monday. 

Hoss confirmed that Matt was bailed out shortly after his arrest and says they are working to get the charges dropped.