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3 On Your Side: Signal Mtn. runoff floods Suck Creek Road yard

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- When it rains, it pours for one Chattanooga woman who lives on Suck Creek Road.

For the second time this week, Joanne Stabile's yard has filled with water.

She fears if something isn't done her home may wash into the Tennessee River, taking her and her three sons with it.

Runoff from Signal Mountain has to go somewhere, first to Suck Creek Road and then Joanne Stabile's property.

"The water is just running under the foundation, and it's not a real strong foundation because this was originally a trailer," Stabile says.

Stabile says it's the second time this week rushing water has washed out her yard, flooded her shed and damaged her home's foundation.

"I'm worried I'm going to be sitting there and all the sudden it's like Dorothy, Todo we're not in Kansas anymore," she says.

The flooding is caused by a clogged pipe that is supposed to spill runoff water into the Tennessee River.

But high water levels and heavy rain have clogged the system.

And it doesn't help that a sewage treatment facility is right up the hill.

"You can go up there and smell it, you can smell it," neighbor, Denny Nash says. "It's just bubbling up behind the sewage treatment plant."

Denny Nash lives next door to the plant and keeps a close eye on Joanne's home when it rains.

"If they have to dig up the road, dig up the road, take care of this lady," he says. "They actually need to fill in where it's washed away, too."

Joanne says she's contacted Public Works; but, so far there has been no fix.

"Fill in the holes a little bit," Stabile says. "They can come with a couple dump trucks of gravel, or something so we don't lose any more of the root system for the bank."

But for that work, Mother Nature has to put on the breaks.

"It's got to stop," Stabile says. "The rain has got to stop for a while."

While Channel 3 was visiting Joanne's house Thursday night, we called Chattanooga Public Works Director Lee Norris.

He says once the rain stops and the river level goes down, a crew will be able to work on the drainage system.

Norris assures Eyewitness News that will happen.

In the meantime, a city crew placed sandbags around Joanne's house, hoping to minimize water damage.

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