CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB)  --  "Man it don't even seem like he's gone," says Debra McWay. The news of General Sessions Judge Bob Moon's passing Thursday morning hit her like a brick.

McWay first met Judge Bob Moon more than a decade ago. She appeared before him in court for a domestic dispute three separate times. At one point he sentenced her to spend 15 days in jail.

"He said you don't look like you need to be here and he said don't come back here. I said you will not see me back in your courtroom. He said I don't believe I will," McWay says.   

She says his tough love changed her life for the better. "Everything worked out for the best and I will always appreciate him," McWay says. She never returned to court.  

"But I wanted to talk to him, if it was God's will for me to ever meet him, not in jail, not in court but personally and I did just that," explains McWay. "He told me, and he was really serious, he said if you ever need me for anything, anything you can come to me."

A time did come when McWay needed his help. She was applying for jobs but wasn't being hired because of her record. Judge Moon helped her.

"To you and too other people it seems like I really didn't know him but I did know him in my heart for what he did for me and that meant a lot," says McRay crying.  

With her past behind her and a positive future, thanks to Judge Moon, McWay says she'll never forget his fairness or kindness. "He will be sadly missed and it just hurt because he did mean a lot to me," McWay says.