(WRCB) -  A state audit has uncovered a number of "issues with accounting" in Grundy County.

According to the report released today, auditor cited 23 findings and recommendations for improving bookkeeping in Grundy County.

Many of them deal with accounting practices that help ensure that public dollars are properly collected, recorded and spent or deposited. Auditors refer to these practices as internal controls.

Auditors say there are nine departments where a single person is responsible for handling all the money.

Among the major concerns, the audit found three Grundy County school employees received a total of more than $13,000 in "questionable compensation".

Auditors say seven school employees each received $600 bonuses not approved by the county's board of education.

They also found the county mayor's office and the director of schools' office spent more than they were allocated.

Auditors noted "deficiencies in the purchasing procedures for the director of schools' office."

The report also notes that the sheriff's office "used improper procedures to receipt and disburse funds."

"What concerns me most about this audit is that many of the findings are repeat findings from previous years," Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said. "Our auditors like to see signs that problems and potential problems have been corrected. Also, the high number of findings suggests that maybe record-keeping practices aren't being taken as seriously as they should. I hope this will change and we will see a lot fewer findings in Grundy County's audit next year."