CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - District 1 Councilwoman Deborah Scott is attempting to get the state to step in and aid localities in closing problem drinking establishments. During a committee work session on Tuesday, she proposed enlisting the city's legislative delegation to lobby on behalf of her plan to get the state liquor licensing board to fall in line with city beer boards.

Councilwoman Scott says the problem arises when a beer license is revoked by the city because of issues at an establishment, but the state-issued liquor license remains valid. The bar/club, etc., remains open for business selling liquor by the drink and the problem goes unmitigated. Her idea is to get the state involved anytime the city beer board revokes an establishment's license to serve beer. The measure would require review and action by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission within 30 days. Over that period, the Commission could hold hearings to affirm the action, disaffirm the action or take no action, in which case the liquor license would also be revoked.

As presented, Scott's proposal would include cities with a population over 150,000, but exclude so-called Metro area governments unless they wanted to sign on. The consensus of the committee was Councilwoman Scott to proceed in her efforts to ask the legislative delegation to "enact legislation to make it possible."