DUNLAP, SEQUATCHIE COUNTY (WRCB) -- Paved property and no explanation. That's why Paxton Shoulders and his father, Albert, are at odds with the city of Dunlap.

They bought their home 30 years ago and in 1991, the city widened Highway 8 in front of their home, literally paving part of their property.

You can see the surveyor's red marker in the street indicating where the property line should be.

Paxton says, "We just want this settled where it will never come up again."

A dollar amount hasn't been attached, but it's at least 3 feet of land.

The city has been out to survey the land twice on the city's dime, and twice, the lines changed.

So far, only the red markers in the yard are their best guest.

The family says they haven't received answers, only the runaround.

Albert Shoulders, "I haven't slept for two nights worrying about this and how to get help and how they can help straighten it out."

"We have asked questions and we get the mayor is not available," Paxton says.

Channel 3 took the Shoulders' concerns directly to Mayor Dewain Land and he personally walked the property again with the family.

Land says he was aware of the problem about a month ago and paid for the last two surveys.

He says right now it's not about who's right or wrong.

"I won't lay blame on anyone," Mayor Land says. "The problem is my problem and I have to man up and take care of it."

The Shoulders say they have dealt with this off and on through various mayors.

Right now, they just want papers that document their property and their strip of land back even if that means redoing the road.

Paxton says, "The money has nothing to do with it. I don't want a pocket full of cash."

Mayor Land handed off the latest property survey to the city attorney.

From there a court will have to decide if and how the property will be returned.