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Rossville woman's rental home infested with roaches

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ROSSVILLE, WALKER COUNTY (WRCB)  --  Heather Turner and her family have lived in the Rossville Estates Mobile Home Park since July. However, they soon had hundreds of thousands of neighbors, the ones that climb up your walls and into your food.

"They get in my bread, they get in all of my dishes and cups," says Turner. "Even in my washer and dryer there are roaches. She should have pest control out here."

She's talking about the landlord who tells Channel 3 she believes they're the ones who brought the roaches in the first place. According to Georgia law, the landlord is not responsible for pest control unless it's stated in the lease, which Turner says she doesn't have.

"It's hard to stay here even one more day," explains Turner.

With four small children and an infant living in the home, the bugs have become a health concern and preparing meals is nearly impossible.

"Ten or 15 minutes go by and I have to make them another plate because they found a bug in their food," Turner says.

"One of the things roaches can do is cause asthma," says Allergist Dr. Susan Raschal.

Raschal says while cockroaches have never been known to carry diseases, it doesn't mean you can't get sick from them.

"Because of where the cockroaches hangout, in moist conditions essentially, they actually can carry organisms that can lead to conditions that can lead to diseases, like salmonella or typhoid for an example," says Raschal.  

Turner says she has contacted the Health Department, who referred her to a landlord claim hotline; but, that hotline stopped taking claims last July. Now she just wants to get the word out in hopes other renters won't end up on their rental property.

"If we get up in the middle of the night and we turn on the kitchen light, my kitchen floor is covered," says Turner.  

Turner says she has found another home to rent and will move out at the first of the month.

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