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Chattanooga ranks in Top 10 cities for hospital care





(WRCB) – Chattanooga ranks among the nation's top cities for hospital care according to a new report.

A survey released Tuesday by Health Grades ranks Chattanooga as seventh on a list of the 50 best cities for hospital care.

The rankings are based on a comprehensive study of patient death and complication rates at the nation's nearly 5,000 hospitals.

Baltimore ranked as the top city in the survey, with nine of its 19 hospitals ranked as "top performing."

"Today's healthcare consumer expects access to credible, independent information about the quality of care available to them," said Kristin Reed, MPH, HealthGrades vice president of hospital ratings and study author. "HealthGrades is proud of its longstanding tradition of educating the American public about both the gaps in quality of care among hospitals, and with actionable information about the top-performing hospitals in their communities."

In the Chattanooga area, Memorial Healthcare System and Hamilton Medical Center were both named as "top performing" hospitals by Health Grades.

Knoxville placed 20 and the Tri-Cities came in at number 34. Nashville was not in the top 50.

Here's a look at the Top 10 Cities for Health Care, according to Health Grades:

1.  Baltimore, MD
2.  Phoenix-Prescott, AZ
3.  Cedar Rapids, IA
4.  Richmond, VA
5.  Cincinnati, OH
6.  West Palm Beach, FL
7.  Chattanooga, TN
8.  St. Louis, MO
9.  Hartford-New Haven, CT
10. Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, MI

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