SODDY-DAISY, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB)-- Nearly two dozen goats will continue to roam a Soddy-Daisy woman's property.

Thursday night, after months of debate Brenda smith is able to keep her pygmies, at least for now.   
Tensions were high when the city council heard the case, yet again.
Channel 3 has followed this story since October when Smith made headlines after her brother said he wanted the goats gone.

Our cameras were rolling as the feud continued.

With signs and a show of hands, the majority of the crowd at the Soddy-Daisy City Council meeting supported Brenda Smith and her 22 goats.

It's her brother, who lives across the street from Smith, who has a problem with them.

"It looks like a trash pile over there," Cecil Smith says. "Why don't she clean it up if she wants them goats?"

"I take care of them," Brenda says. "I mean, they've got food, they've got a place to stay."

After hearing both sides, council members voted three to two to draft a new ordinance for people in situations like Brenda's.

In her case, she says she's lived on her land for 65 years and there's always been some sort of animal around, including the goats for more than 30 years.

"I think it's a case of the tails wagging the goats," Cecil says.

Cecil says the council's decision does not make sense.

Just six years ago the council approved a goat reduction ordinance.

"I sit on my front porch and stinks like hell over there and it's trashed up," Brenda's brother says. "Go take a picture of it."

Channel 3 has been to the property before. Brenda says with no kids or grand kids, these pygmies are all she has.

"People come up and down that road and they stop and look at them," Brenda says. "They bring their children over there to pet them. They're harmless."

Brenda says she has tried to reason with her brother over the matter and says it's a problem the council should not have to deal with.

She's just glad things are moving in the right direction.

"Somebody that has had something on their property for years, I think it would be the right thing to do, not just for me but for everybody," Brenda says.

"I mean, I'm just as special as anybody else, so pass me a special ordinance," says Cecil.

"I think we should at least all try to get along and be there for each other," Brenda says. "You know, we're all old."

The city attorney will draft the new ordinance and says it will be at least a month before the ordinance is presented to the council.

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