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C.A.G.E. roundup nets eight arrests in gang crackdown

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- The message that Chattanooga's point-man on gangs delivered was clear.

"One person can't do this," former Assistant District Attorney Boyd Patterson tells members of the NAACP Tuesday night.

"Superman can't come down here and fix this gang problem."

Wednesday, the Scenic City's version of the Justice League swooped into several neighborhoods designated as "problem areas" for gang members and parole violators. The name for this saturation roundup; C.A.G.E.; Chattanooga Area Gang Enforcement.

Thirteen law enforcement agencies, ranging from the FBI to the McKamey Animal Center, combined resources to arrest eight people, four of whom are 'validated gang members' according to a news release from Chattanooga Police.

Agents served six warrants, made 33 probation checks, declared two homes unsafe, and seized a dog.

"You need to mind your own business!"

That response came from the landlady at 404 Somerville Avenue, one of the homes condemned. It typifies the cold shoulders that Eyewitness News got as our crew visited the areas the C.A.G.E. roundup targeted.

A young mother and her kindergarten age daughter had been living in the house. Inspectors ordered them out. Inside, police say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia, and numerous electrical and plumbing violations. No permanent heat and no smoke detectors.

Work crews tell us they were here to make repairs. But the landlady says she knew nothing of the cage roundup:

"I tell you, no!"

No one answers at 1910 Camden Street.

Then again, police say no one should; given that code inspectors have declared it unsafe too.

But at least four cars remain parked in the driveway and yard. Off camera, neighbors tell us the house draws lots of traffic, but that they don't know who lives there.

"You can't film this house," a man shouts to us at 837 Arlington Avenue. That's the same block where Melvin "Brando" Fennell became Chattanooga's 15th murder victim last year; gunned down on his front porch.

The man on the porch at 837 won't say why police came calling Wednesday.

We find out a little more at 1111 S. Holly Street, where a young man tells us, police came looking for a stolen gun.

He doesn't say whether they found it.

As a whole, the roundup brought several new charges:

  • 28-year-old Montrell Crayton is charged with possessing drug paraphernalia.
  • 29-year-old Michael Cal for violating probation and evading arrest.
  • 25 year old Xavier Bonner and 24-year-old Terrance Harris- for violating probation and trespassing.
  • 25-year-old Jocelyn Durham for driving violations.
  • 32 year old Daniel Smith for criminal simulation.
  • 31-year-old Horace Lundy and 26-year-old Larry Jennings--for failing to pay child support.
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