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Dug Gap Mtn. Rd. mudslides becoming an issue

WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- For much of Dug Gap Mountain Road trees riddle the banks except for one stretch about one mile up. The problem area sits below TVA power lines, and when it rains the mud meets the pavement, and crews have to close this busy road.

David Durham is one of many that rely on Dug Gap Mountain Road to get to and from work daily. He says, "it's an inconvenience when the mud slides hit because I have to take an alternate route to work. Usually I don't realize it until I hit the detour sign then I have to turn around and come all the way back down the other way."

Crews built this road 30 years ago to help connect the west end of Whitfield County to Dalton. No major issues until TVA put these power lines up.

Whitfield County Road Superintendent DeWayne Hunt says, "it usually holds up for one maybe two rains, then we see a significant amount of mud and we clean it up again."

Public works wasn't about to blame TVA, but they said when installing power lines chemicals are sprayed to kill shrubbery, which keep the soil strong.

TVA agreed to have a geologist inspect the area, and public works said they'll wait for the results before talking to TVA about a permanent fix.

Hunt said, "every time we close it, it's a big inconvenience. We are working hard to find a permanent solution."

in the meantime you can see and hear the water creeping through the dirt wall, while locals deny the inevitable, rain will close this road soon enough.

"What I've started to do now is when it rains heavy, I plan an alternate route that way I won't be late," said Durham.

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