(WRCB) -- A local student and professor are teaming up to bring smartphone users an app that will pay them to text.

Zack Goldstein, a senior animation student at Southern Adventist University, and Ken Willes, a professor in the university's art department have worked together to form Rocket Link Mobile, an advertisement company that is developing VorText.

Using the app, each time you send or receive a text, you will earn a couple of cents by having a placed advertisement at the bottom of the text.

Zack Goldstein, the app's creator, sees it as a great way for college students to earn a little extra money, perhaps enough to cover their monthly phone bill.

"The idea is that if people are sending a thousand plus texts a month and you're earning a couple pennies for each one," Goldstein said. "You could easily make enough off that to pay off your texting plan, or the rest of your phone, or whatever you want to do with it."

Ken Willes, the app's programmer, says that ads will be based upon personal interests and they will only allow a "G" rating. He also points out that people have to opt in to receive the text ads.

The app is currently being developed for Android only. It is soon to go into testing and Goldstein says the public can look for a release in mid-March. An iPhone release is planned for some time afterwards.

For more information, visit www.rocketlinkmobile.com

Contributed by Brandon Cobos, WRCB-TV News Intern.