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CPD: mother of 4 missing for four months before family asked for search

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Nachiahia Redman doesn't know Erika Whaley well.

But as a mother to three of her own , she can't see how any mother could, as family members have told police, cut off all contact with four little boys, none older than 7.

"Nobody's heard from her as far as I can tell," Redman says. "She's always called her kids, checked up on them, called them on the phone."

But Whaley, 25, has missed a couple of birthdays and Christmas. Chattanooga Police report she was seen last on August 11, getting into a red pickup truck at a shelter for battered women, which they will not name.

Police also have declined to release any more specifics regarding Whaley's past, or whom they may have questioned in her disappearance. Public Information Officer Nathan Hartwig confirms that family reported Whaley missing December 16.

"The fact that she lost contact with her kids does make you wonder, 'is she okay'," Redman asks. "Does she have a lace to stay? Is she outside?"

James Lee (Jimmy) Hall, 26, is the father of Whaley's children. Redman says the two ended their relationship sometime last summer.

Criminal court records indicate the relationship has been stormy. Hall has faced charges of aggravated kidnapping in late August, two weeks after police say family members told them Whaley had disappeared. He also has faced charges of domestic assault.

Hall has declined to answer questions on camera, citing past charges and the new investigation into Whaley's disappearance. But he says the charges stem from disputes with Whaley over custody and care of the children.

"I'm concerned about her (Whaley)," Hall tells Eyewitness News via phone. "The kids miss her and want to hear from her."

Hall's father has custody of the couple's children, Hall says.

Whaley has had her own legal troubles, including a ten day sentence for possession of drug paraphernalia in 2009.

"Once or twice, she kind of left them (the children)," Redman says. "She went away for a little while. Maybe only for a month, or so. But she came back--and she was always in contact with her kids"

It's why Redman and another friend, wonder whether she's hiding out again, or is a victim of foul play.

"If she's not wanting to talk to anybody at least get in contact wit her kids," Redman says. "And let them know their mother is okay."

Erika Ann Whaley is 4 feet 11 inches tall. She weighs 115 pounds and has brown hair, possibly with blonde highlights.

If you believe you may have seen her, or know where she might be, call Chattanooga Police at (423) 698-2525.

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