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System glitch forces State to take back child support payments

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)  --  Angie Harris says she can't pay her bills on time after the State took back the money she receives in child support payments.

"I was in tears because it had already been late, so I was already late on making payments that I was supposed to make payments on," says Harris.  

State officials tell Channel 3, out of the 450,000 cases only a couple thousand were affected. However, it came as a surprise to those who were.

"The issue has been fully resolved at this time," says Department of Human Services Communication Director Valisa Thompson. 

But Harris says, not so fast.

"I still have no money," says Harris.

Thompson tells Channel 3, the problem was a computer glitch which doubled or tripled the amount paid to some recipients, so money was pulled from everyone who had their checks deposited on the January 4, or after.

"This situation affected really less than two percent," says Thompson.  

Thompson says the State is working with the banks to re-deposit the money and take care of any fees which may have been acquired, but it could take a little time.

"It could take more than 24 hours for the banks to accept and process the direct deposit and the same would hold true for the debit card payments," says Thompson.  

For Harris, the money can't come soon enough.

"You know water and electric, they don't care," says Harris.

Thompson asks anyone who has still not received their money to contact the State at 1-800-838-6911. 

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