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ONLY ON 3: 911 calls released in Gail Palmgren case

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (WRCB) - Eyewitness News has obtained a 911 call, recorded on April 30th, just hours before Gail Palmgren would go missing.

It is quite possibly one of the last phone conversations she had, and it was with a Signal Mountain dispatcher.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond has said we may never know what state of mind Palmgren was in, the day she crashed her Jeep.

But a phone call Channel 3 obtained through an open records request, shows she and her husband Matt were in a cooling off period and Gail clearly feared something bad might be brewing.

Palmgren and her two children were at the family's lake home in Wetumpka, Alabama. She went there after police responded to a domestic dispute between her and her husband.

Now we know why she decided the next morning to pack her Jeep, and drive four hours home.

Records obtained through the Hamilton County 911 Center, reveal Palmgren called her sister to ask her to call Signal Mountain Police.

Gail's sister, Diane Nichols, tells a dispatcher her sister was concerned about her conversations being recorded.

A dispatcher then called Gail Palmgren. The following was taken from that conversation:

Gail: Hello?

Dispatcher: Yes, is this Gail?

Gail: Yes it is.

Dispatcher: Okay, this is (inaudible) at Signal Mountain Police Department.

Your sister called and said you needed some help.

Gail: Um, my husband said when I went by yesterday, because I needed basically a timeout from my husband and I was going to take the kids down to the lake house, and I didn't want anybody to think I was kidnapping them.

I just needed to get away, he said that they wanted me back in like 12 or 14 hours, and I don't remember them saying that, but ...

Dispatcher: Who said that?

Gail: My husband. My husband said the police told me that, but I don't remember them telling me that.

But, we're headed back up to Signal Mountain, I just wanted the police to be aware where I am, where the kids are, and where we're headed.

Dispatcher: Okay, so do you want to just call us back when you get close to your home if you need some help?

Gail: Okay. Thank you.

Dispatcher: Okay. Alright, thank you.

Five hours later, after dropping her children off at home, Gail would crash on East Brow Road.

Palmgren's Jeep remained hidden in the woods until early December, when it was spotted from the air.

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