(WRCB) -- Wednesday was a mild, stormy January day in the Tennessee Valley full of heavy downpours and even hail. It did not stop some people from jogging in downtown Chattanooga, but it sure was a far cry from our weather a year ago when the city was buried under mounds of snow. It was a time Deni Jones won't soon forget after she and her family tried to escape the storm in a rather unusual way.

"With a rake, because we didn't have a snow shovel. It took all day," recalled Jones.

They still ended up stuck in the house for five days which was not exactly Jones' idea of a good time.

"It was cold. We couldn't go anywhere. It was miserable," said Jones. Even with today's heavy rain she will take a mild winter day anytime.

"I can sit out on the front porch and have a glass of iced tea and fan myself," said Jones. "It's wonderful."

Well, maybe it was not that warm Wednesday but temperatures were no contest against January 11 last year. The high temperature today in Chattanooga was 55 degrees. On January 11, 2011 it was only 36 degrees. A year ago more than eight inches of snow covered the ground. Today more than an inch of rain fell.

Amanda Carter lives at the foot of Whitwell Mountain in Marion county. She and her four young children long for the winter wonderland delivered by mother nature last January. It kept them occupied.

"We have lots of mountains. So we have plenty of places of snow and to sled," explained Carter.

Besides, Carter added, it is a prettier sight than huge puddles of water. "The view and everything else, when the snow comes, it makes it a whole new thing," said Carter.

For Carter, though, the sharp contrast between today's weather and that of a year ago maybe a warning for those who enjoyed it a bit too much.

"I'm thinking it's been really warm for way too long," said Carter. "I think the Tennessee Valley needs to watch out because I think the snow's on its way."