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FIRST ON 3: Two Rossville Middle students face weapon charges

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ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB)- Two Rossville Middle School students were arrested Wednesday morning after police discovered they had brought steak knives to school.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said two female students were among those searched, after investigators had monitored student Facebook pages in recent days.  He said both students had "five-inch steak knives on their person."  According to Sheriff Wilson, a 13-year-old had concealed a knife in her bra, and a 16-year-old was hiding a knife in her boot.

Sheriff's officers were at the entrance of the school, and the two students who possessed the knives were questioned by the School Resource Officer and an assistant principal.  Each faces a misdemeanor count of disruption of school and a felony charge of carrying a weapon on school property.

Sheriff Wilson said, "I don't know if they had the intent to harm anyone, of if they were just showing off, but we treat these incidents seriously.  As always, we ask students who have any information or suspicion about illegal activity to tell an adult."

He said both students were found to be on juvenile probation prior to their arrests, and will appear before a Juvenile Court Judge later in the day.  The court will decide whether the students will be detained or released to their parents.  Both are suspended from school for an indefinite period.

There was also a police presence at neighboring Ridgeland High School, but officials report no weapons were found, and no students were arrested.

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