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Copper thieves destroy baseball fields in Athens

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ATHENS, TN (WRCB) -- If you take a close look at Fisher Field in Athens you can see where vandals did major damage. 

The electrical box for each light pole is busted out from thieves searching for copper.

Someone pulled the plug on the scoreboard, it won't power on and it's too expensive to replace.

Athens Parks and Recreation director, Austin Fesmire, says he's fed up.

"It's nonsense," he says. "Someone probably made less than one hundred dollars with all the pieces."

A total of eight light poles, a score board, and a switchboard were destroyed totaling about $7,000 in damages.

There was a Bible found near some of the damage. Fesmire believes the thieves left it behind.

It's the third time Fisher Field has been hit and its looked this way since November.

It was being prepped for the new Athens Middle School but those plans are on hold until repairs are made.

This field is at a disadvantage because unlike other fields around the city, this one has no cameras.

Captain Frank Horning of Athens Police is tracking the thieves and says they also took sewer covers.

He's says desperate criminal sometimes don't consider the consequences.

"The last thing we need is someone getting injured," he says. "Some cases lead to a death."

Fesmire is looking to have the lights repaired in the next 30 days.

Call the Athens Police Department at (423) 744-2720 if you have any information leading to arrest.

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