CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB)  -- Temekia Reed, the woman accused of stabbing 15-year-old Shaviya Vinson to death was in seemingly good spirits as she walked into the courtroom for her preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Reed showed little emotion as the state called four witnesses to the stand. For more than an hour Renee Cross, the first witness and one of the women involved in the fight, was questioned. She testified Vinson was with her before the fight broke out and that Temekia's mother, Natalia Reed, instigated the fight.

"We see Natalia Reed with a can of bug spray in her hand and something in a sock," explains Cross.  

However, when Reed took the stand she testified she was threatened and acted in self defense but her testimony took a turn for the worse after she admitted she lied to detectives the day of the stabbing to keep her other daughters, who were also involved, out of trouble.

Reed's testimony wasn't the only one in question. The judge ruled the state's third witness, Dericka Richards, was not telling the truth.

After hearing all of the evidence the judge ruled a grand jury should decide whether the case should be sent to trial.