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Missouri police track accused rapist to Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- A fugitive is now behind bars, thanks the Chattanooga Police Department. Thursday night police arrested a man wanted on rape charges out of Missouri.

It turns out the man was working for a local trucking company based out of the Scenic City. As soon as Missouri authorities got a tip he was here, Chattanooga police moved in.

Chattanooga police arrested Lonnie Pickle Thursday night. He is wanted out of Missouri on rape charges.

"Our fugitive investigators received intelligence that a man was wanted out of Missouri, and that he was possibly here in Chattanooga," says Police Sergeant Jerri Weary.

Weary says investigators with the Merriam Woods Village Police Department in Taney County, Missouri got a tip Pickle was working at the Covenant Transport off Birmingham Highway.

"Acting on that tip from law enforcement, they went over to Covenant and they were able to apprehend the suspect," says Weary.

She says they were able to arrest him without any trouble.

Channel 3 contacted Merriam Woods Police Department. The lead investigator on Pickle's case tells us, since it is still an active investigation he could not give much detail.

He says back in July, a woman, who had a prior relationship with Pickle, accused him of forcible rape.

Investigators gathered enough evidence to issue a warrant. Then, Pickle disappeared.

Channel 3 talked with a vice president at Covenant, who released the following brief statement: "The involved law enforcement agencies have had the full cooperation of Covenant Transport in the arrest of Mr. Pickle and that level of cooperation will continue."

Weary says crime knows no boundaries and encourages anyone with information on a case, no matter where it is, to give them a call.

"If they have information on fugitives from other jurisdictions, if they know that people have fled another jurisdiction to get here, by all means contact us," she says. "Let us know. We'll follow up and do the rest of the work."

Pickle is still in the Hamilton County jail.

Police in Missouri are still working out the details on when he can be extradited back to Taney County.

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