(WRCB) – A redistricting plan could pit local Democratic leaders against each other.

Senate Republicans released their proposal this week.

It would split Bradley County, making the Republican area part of Senate District 10, now held by Democratic Senator Andy Berke.

Both Senators Berke and Bo Watson spoke at Thursday's chamber meeting.

"I am in favor of non-partisan independent redistricting, that's not what we have. Whatever senate district I end up with, I certainly feel confident about what I've done for education, jobs in this area and the political chips fall where they fall," says State Senator Andy Berke.

"Because of that there are going to be people who are going to be interested in running for that seat, Senator Berke's district is up for re-election this November," adds State Senator Bo Watson.

Berke's district currently takes in Democratic Marion County, but that is removed on the senate map and he would move through East Ridge into Bradley County.

Republican Vince Dean of East Ridge may throw his hat into the ring.