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UPDATED: City closes Wilcox Tunnel indefinitely

(WRCB) – Wilcox Tunnel will remain closed indefinitely.

City Engineers say the tunnel has been closed for maintenance until further notice.

Chattanooga Police closed the tunnel Monday night after a series of crashes overnight.

Police responded to three separate accidents inside the Wilcox Tunnel last night around 9:30 p.m.

According to responding officers, the ice that had built up inside the tunnel caused the vehicles to lose control and slide into one another.

A total of seven cars were hit in three separate accidents. Of all of the accidents, no one was injured but two cars were totaled as a result of their collisions. There were no charges in any of the accidents.

Reporting officers say that the ice was so bad that they were slipping as they were taking the reports.

The tunnels were subsequently closed for the night until salt trucks could de-ice the tunnel.

Traffic engineers with the city say detours will be posted.


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