HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - A kitchen fire badly damaged a Dallas Bay home.

Firefighters were called to 7222 Fairbanks Road Monday, when a neighbor noticed fire coming from a kitchen window.

Firefighters arrived to find the fire had spread from the kitchen to the living room. They quickly put the fire out, containing it to the two rooms.

The rest of the home had smoke and minor water damage.

Chief Marcus Fritts says the homeowner was not at home. A 17-year-old grandson had been home frying food on the stove, then left the house without turning off the stove.

Damage is estimated at $30,000.

No injuries were reported.

A second fire was reported shortly after 7 pm on North Sims Road.

Firefighters responded to Linda Moore's home to find a kitchen fire.

Firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the fire and contained it to the kitchen and side deck area.

Moore reportedly smelled smoke and found something was burning above the stove area. The Woods quickly evacuated the house and called 911.

No injuries were reported. Damages are estimated at $25,000. The family will be staying with relatives.