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Protesters gather outside Corker, Fleischmann's offices

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(WRCB) - Occupy Chattanooga protesters say they have a message for lawmakers: they say they want things to change.

They gathered on the corner of Market Street and MLK, near Senator Bob Corker and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann's offices, carrying signs that read things like-- "US government for sale to the highest bidder", and "All power is based upon consent.  You no longer have mine."

"They really don't care about you and me," says Landon Howard. "I'm pretty convinced of that . They don't represent people; they represent corporations, the big interest, not human beings anymore."

 "Instead of making their decisions based on what party they represent, they need to make decisions based on the local people they represent, because they're elected to represent the people, not their party, period," adds Sam Mills.

The message may have fallen on deaf ears though; the offices of both legislators were closed Monday because of the holiday.

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