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UPDATED: North Ga. teen training for 2014 Paralympics


(WRCB) -- This holiday season is going down as one of the best ever for the Stallings' family.

A month after the community raised enough money for Caleb to train in Colorado with Team USA's Paralympic Nordic Cross Team. A local company has stepped up and wants to represent him. On Friday, they met for the first time.

"I saw it, and I said I can help this guy. I knew immediately," said Karen Hutton CEO of the Hutton Company, a commercial development group.

Karen watched the first story we ran on Caleb in November, and she needed to meet him; find out if he was the real deal. Less than a minute after a sit-down with Caleb, Karen was convinced, the Hutton Company wanted to help.

Karen said, "he's awesome, he's got the right fabric, he's putting the right people around him. The only thing that will limit him is himself, I don't see that happening. He's gonna be able to go anywhere he wants to go."

Caleb went into Friday's meeting unaware that Karen and her employees wanted to get him what he needs, his own ski's, new training chair, and everything in between on his journey. Simply put, thousands of dollars of equipment that Caleb would need to make his way to the 2014 Paralympics.

"I felt welcome coming in, I can tell that they're great people, and that they're really wanting to help me do what I want to do. It shows a lot of character, I can tell they're behind me 100 percent," said Caleb.

Caleb returned from training in Colorado just in time for Christmas with his family and he brought some good news. He's been named to team USA's developmental team. What that means to him, the hard work starts now.

Caleb said, "it's crunch time, I could make that team, I could be number one in the world. I don't know. It's on how dedicated I am, how far I push myself. But I'm willing to make whatever sacrifices needed to get there."

It's that drive, that determination that Karen and the Hutton Company fell in love with, and thanks to them, Caleb's dream is still alive.

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