(WRCB) - The apartment that Jesse Young shares with his wife and 19-year-old niece is the front unit in a complex alongside Ashmore Avenue in Red Bank.

That stretch of Ashmore 'dead ends' less than a block down the road. 'Dead end' could well describe where Young and police find themselves in trying to figure out who fired several shots through his apartment's outer walls early Tuesday morning...And why.

"She (my wife) heard what sounded like a loud explosion outside the window," Young says.

"I heard about 4-6 gunshots,' his downstairs neighbor Jimmy Helton adds.

"Only to come out to see that our entertainment center and the television in our bedroom had been shot out," Young continues.

Red Bank Police confirm that at least three bullets came through the outer wall; one through the window-unit air conditioner.

"About a foot and a half from my head in my bedroom," Young says. "There's a bullet there that's gone through the wall!"

"I couldn't believe it," landlord Tom Ambotis tells Eyewitness News. "They're quiet. No problem! You hardly know they're around."

Helton says he's seen nothing like it in his four years as a tenant.

"If you've had a beef with anybody in here, you're not only putting that person, but everybody else is at risk too, you know?"

Helton wonders whether his neighbor may have been the victim of a random shooter.

But Red Bank Detective Michael Ray has his doubts.

"With it being a rainy night, and the apartment parking lot being on a steep hill, we're not getting a sign of a vehicle leaving that area," Det. Ray says.

Red Bank Police are looking for a gray or silver sedan, based on a description Helton gave them of a vehicle he says he saw leaving the complex' parking lot shortly after he heard the gunshots.

"That's the weird thing of this is that we don't have a whole lot to go off of," Det. Ray says.

But Young has a theory.

"I just know when God is about to do something great, the enemy will come and try to tear that down," he says. "Try to extend fear."

Young is a gospel singer, when he's not working the night shift at Amazon.com's new distribution center in the Enterprise South Industrial Park.

One of his videos has gone viral; more than 330,000 hits on YouTube. His 'car-seat crooning' of the popular ode to faith "Never Would Have Made It" has brought offers to sing before several congregations, Young says.

"I don't know what (the shooter's) motives were," Young says.

"But I know who was protecting us, because there were 5 bullets fired into my bedroom and all of em missed, and I'm a pretty big guy!"

"We're not really sure what the situation is," Det. Ray says. "We've no indication that anybody specifically was targeted."

Intent, Det. Ray adds, will be a critical factor in determining what charges the shooter, or shooters may face once caught.

"At the least, we likely are looking at attempted aggravated assault," Det. Ray says.

Young and his family aren't hurt, but they plan to move. For peace of mind.

"I know God has protected us and I know that my faith is strong," he says.

"But sometimes, you have to use wisdom."