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Violations found at Fathom, promoter says don't shut it down


(WRCB) - The City of Chattanooga will take the owners of Mosaic and Club Fathom to court Friday, in an effort to shut it down.

Nine people were shot outside the venue early Christmas morning.

Thursday, an inspection from the Fire Marshal revealed some violations such as: not enough toilets and fire exits for a building that has an occupancy of 1,900. The Fire Marshal says if the owners can host a New Year's Eve Party, only 100 people will be allowed inside.

We spoke with a promoter who works closely with the club. He says he understands why people are upset, especially with nine people getting shot after the Christmas Eve party. He says it is not entirely the club's fault and shutting it down is not the answer.

"I'm really saddened by what's happened," says Steve Matherly.

Matherly, also known as 'Mr. 423,' is a promoter. He says he has put on about 10 shows this year at Club Fathom. He says the shootings on Christmas morning should not be a reflection of the club and it should not be shut down.

"They should be really going after what is going on with the youth in the city and the people who are doing it as opposed to just trying to eliminate the spots they're going to and doing these acts," says Matherly.

He says shutting down the club would just move trouble somewhere else.

Matherly says he thinks the church is trying to reach at-risk youth, he just does not know if they are going about it the right way.

"I don't feel like what they did completely was the right approach," he says.

He says he understands why the promotional flyer for that night's gathering does not look good.

"What they did by doing things out of the box, is make themselves a target."

On top of that, he believes not every event is tied to Fathom's mission, which makes it even more confusing, saying they are holding events just to make rent.

And when it comes to safety at the club?

"I've spent thousands and thousands on security and cops because this place makes you have it," says Matherly.

He says from his experience, the club follows the rules and has always worked well with police and police should support what the club is doing.

"It's actually very shaming that someone that has probably made a lot of money is not willing to step up and say, 'You know what? This place does all they can to make it safe.'"

We will be at Friday's hearing and let you know what happens.

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