(WRCB) -  Mud and tire marks remain at the scene on Berry Camp Road where Wayne Anderson tried to take the law into his own hands.

"They're lucky, that's about all I can say," says Anderson. "Cause I would have shot them and probably went to jail."

Anderson is talking about Clint Sparks, 29, of Red Bank, Gary Russell, 24, of Georgia and Marie Brown, 32, of Lafayette. All three are accused of burglarizing homes across the Tennessee Valley since October.

"Apparently they've been doing this for some time, they just came to the wrong county to do it," says Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock.

Deputies had caught up with the trio Wednesday afternoon after a call about a home being burglarized near McCarver Loop. However, the trio was able to get away.   

It nearly ended near Anderson's property when he called deputies after seeing the three walking in his woods with flashlights. Two of them were quickly cuffed except for Sparks, who'd managed to get away from officers again.

"We chased him with the dogs probably for about four hours," Hitchcock says.  

Anderson believes Sparks had been hiding on his property and tried to use his daughter's car as a getaway vehicle when the time was right.

Mary Johnson had just put the keys in the ignition to warm it. "Upon coming out I had noticed that my car was in the process of leaving," Johnson says.  

"I got in the truck and chased him out the driveway," Anderson says. He chased Sparks right into the Sheriff and his deputies. "Tried to hit three officers with a vehicle," Hitchcock says.  

The Sheriff used his own patrol car to hit Johnson's stolen vehicle to stop Sparks. Johnson says she's shocked to know how close her 10-month-old special needs daughter came to danger. "Thank God I hadn't put her in it yet," says Johnson.  

With her car back and the suspects in custody. Johnson says she's now focusing on how to get her daughter to and from the doctor. "I'm not sure how we'll do that with the car running the way it is, but God will look out for us and somehow we'll find a way," Johnson says.

All three of the suspects face a slew of theft related charges. They're in custody at the Sequatchie County Jail without bond.

Sheriff Hitchcock tells Channel 3 holds have been placed on them out of East Ridge, Hamilton County, Walker County and Catoosa County.