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LaFayette Marine now state side, still recovering


(WRCB) -  A LaFayette Marine continues to fight for his life Tuesday.  More than two weeks ago Marine Corporal Tyler Skelly suffered a seizure and collapsed while serving in Bahrain.

The fall cracked his head which caused his brain to bleed.  Skelly was transferred to the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland.  Tuesday morning he went in for another surgery.

"They've put him on different anti-seizure medication and sedated him because he started having seizures again," says Skelly's friend, Travis Ruiz.  

While the 23-year-old corporal fights for his life, his friends back home are doing what they can to support him.

"I want to kiss his face and hold his hand and talk to him," says his mother, Stacy Skelly.  "I want to tell him that I'm there."   

Channel 3 first introduced you to Stacy Skelly 11 days ago, as she prepared to travel to Europe to be with her son. 

Skelly got to the German hospital where Tyler was recovering the week before Christmas.  The military transferred Tyler to Maryland three days ago.   

"There's been a lot of steps back," says Ruiz.  "But there's also been a lot of steps forward." 

Ruiz has known Skelly since childhood and says he knows his friend will eventually be okay.

"He's opening his eyes," Ruiz says.  "He's not really looking around but there's some degree of alertness." 

Doctors had to put Skelly back on a ventilator when he continued to have seizures.  Tuesday Skelly went into surgery to get a new feeding tube and doctors are tweaking his medication.

Despite it all Ruiz says he's not worried, he knows if anyone can pull through it's Tyler.

"He's always been able to get through what's in front of him," Ruiz says.  "I know he's going to be fine."

Doctors say Skelly's seizures are caused by diabetes. 

Monday Ruiz and other friends held a fundraiser for Tyler's mom and raised nearly $3,000.

Stacy Skelly is taking unpaid medical leave to be with Tyler. 

To help Stacie Skelly visit the Prayer and Support Group for USMC CPL "TYLER SKELLY" page on Facebook. 

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