(WRCB) - Our Jefferson Award nominee this week takes us into the world of medicine.

Dr. Tom Voychehovski comes from a family of givers and carries it on to his pediatric practice today.

"Dr. Tom" is a pediatrician with Hamilton Pediatrics on Shallowford Road.

He has been nominated for a Jefferson Award because of his selfless donation of time and talent to patients who need his services.

But Dr. Tom, who was born into Communist Poland right after World War II, says serving others is part of his genetic make-up.

"I was born just after the war, my mom was a doctor...she's my idol," Dr. Tom.

So it is this legacy of selflessly helping others that Dr. Tom has made a part of his core when he approaches his practice.  And having that approach over the years has gone a long way with his patients.

"I love Dr. Tom," says Neely, a patient of Dr. Tom. "He's the best person ever."

"He's just a spectacular doctor.  He's patient, understanding.  He takes his time with patients," says Jacqueline. "He is by far the best pediatrician you could ask for."

Donna Bradley, who nominated Dr. Tom for the Jefferson Award, brought her child to Dr. Tom for 18 years.  Donna liked him so much, she came to work for him.

"I liked him as a doctor.  He is a person that I would like to work for because he cares for his patients.  I care for people and taking care of them, and that's why I wanted to work in his practice," says Donna.

So what sets Dr. Tom apart? He has never turned a patient away because they can't pay or they don't have insurance.  He just treats them, and even when it may not make financial sense on paper, it seems to work out just fine.

"For 20 years I never said you can't come because you don't have money or insurance.  Most of what I give is time.  We'll stay until everyone is seen," says Dr. Tom.

"If your child is sick, he tells 'em bring 'em to the practice.  He's going to see the children.  Might not have insurance...We'll work on a way to see these children," adds Donna.