POLK COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Justin Taylor is still speechless after losing his home Christmas Eve night.

Monday a charred, smoking pile is all that was left of the place his family called home for a decade.

Taylor was laying on the couch when he looked up and saw the ceiling ablaze.

"I looked at the top of the roof and the entire side was just in flames," he said. "I ran and told everyone to get out of the house."

As he rushed to get everyone out of the house, Justin himself, ran back in to save any Christmas gifts.

His wife Candace, 9-year-old Colby, 4-year-old Kinsley, and 3-year-old Kali, ran to his mother's house nearby.

Jenny Taylor says the look on Candace's face said it all at the time.

"She looked so sad and said to me, 'it is gone.' I couldn't just walk off and leave her to come up," Taylor says.

While the family took cover firefighters took to the blaze.

Seven separate fire crews worked for four hours to get the fire under control.

We are told the home was fully engulfed when help arrived.

Jacob Taylor is a volunteer firefighter and Justin's cousin.

He says he had to several feet away from the home as the fire raged on.

The flames were so intense they melted the cover and passenger-side door of the car parked nearby.

"It was so hot it melted the paint off one of our fire trucks," Jacob says.

Justin says it is hard to talk about the tragedy but his only concern is his family's safety.

Starting over, however, will be just as hard as losing the home.

"It really didn't really hit until this Monday morning," he says. "I woke up in a hotel and realized I don't have a home to go to."

The Taylor's were assisted by the Red Cross and will stay with family for the time being.

If you would like to help the family here's how:

Taylor family contact - 423-338-7062 or 423-715-8986