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Volunteer: "He (Santa) comes on a big red fire truck."

HARRISON, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB)-- Members of the Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department spent their Christmas Eve morning handing out gifts and food to those in need.

This moment was weeks in the making.

As soon as the sun came up Christmas Eve, the Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) hit the road in a truck loaded with toys and food.

"Our intentions are to make them happy and do something good for the community," says Chief C.R. Harris.

Chief Harris says for the past 25 years the department has collected toys, helping families who need it most.

"Lots of their parent's have been laid off of work, they don't have much income," he says.

"You never know what's going on with somebody," Angie Lappard says. "They may just be falling on a hard time."

Angie Lappard has volunteered for the past four years, raising money to buy toys throughout the year.

She says it's so important to give kids a Christmas.

"Some of it may be the only Christmas that they get and we get to be a part of that, being able to give that," Angie says.

The donations help people like Elizabeth Dickson, who says it's a true blessing that someone cares to help her and her children.

"It means everything because we were really tight for any money and the kids didn't have anything under the tree at all," Dickson says. "God's answered our prayers, you know."

And for that, she can't say thank all the volunteers enough.
"Thank you very much and God bless you and we love you," Dickson says.

"They say that Santa comes on a big red sleigh," Lappard says. "He doesn't, he comes on a big red fire truck."

"It's something we look forward to every year," Chief Harris says.

The chief says this is something they'll keep doing, as long as there's a need.

This year the fire department helped 70 families, each receiving two boxes of groceries along with the toys!

Because of their acts, more than 130 children will have a Christmas this year.

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