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13 city children receive bikes for Christmas

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- At one point, every child wants a bike for Christmas. A means to freedom on the open road, or sidewalk. None the less, not every child gets a bike, that's where the Main Street Bike Co-Op fits in.

Imagine your childhood without a bike, something so simple, but at the time something you couldn't place value too.

On Thursday, 13 Chattanooga children were the proud owners of their very own bike, and in some cases, their first bike.

None of it possible without the Main Street Bike Co-Op.

Co-Op President Heather Sivley said, "Zac, our director, calls a bike an American right. It's part of the dream, part of being a kid."

"I remember when I was a kid, it was a way to push my boundaries, explore my community in a safe way," said Director Zac Holford.

On Thursday each kid helped put on the finishing touches, and learned about safety.

The co-op promised to repair the bikes in the future, but also promised to teach them how.

eleven year old Celso Valdez-Lopez received his first bike in five years, after learning how to adjust his seat he said, "If I ever need help with the tires or seat. I can just get the tools to fix it."

The Main Street Bike Co-Op spent the past month assembling these bikes piece by piece with all donated parts. Volunteers who have built their own bikes through the adult program helped with the assembling.

Sivley said, "it's been really rewarding to have others that learned from us, build bikes, and now help these kids. It's come full circle."

Holford added, "the action of giving a kid a bike is worth it in itself. It's rewarding, and it fills our mission."

The co-op also offers adult programs. For $50 and 20 hours of volunteer work you can build your own bike. They are located at 1918 Union Ave, Chattanooga, TN. They're open Friday 1-6pm, and Saturday 1-6pm.

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