(WRCB) – Squad cars patrol the streets at College Hill Courts Housing Developments, Tuesday.

It's a far cry from what the scene looked like the night before when Shaviya Vinson, a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death.

"This is the second death that's happened on this street, the same street," witness, Genise Beasley says. "It happened so fast."

Beasley says Vinson was with another family member who reportedly owed $20 to a babysitter.

The babysitter wanted her money and was ready to collect, but before money talk could even begin, the women were arguing and the situation quickly turned violent.

"The only thing I seen was blood and clothes," says one resident.

People who were there Monday night tell Channel 3 the women were armed with nothing but sticks, a piece of furniture and a broken umbrella, which they say could have been used to stab Vinson in the chest.

While there is no confirmation from the Medical Examiner, the victim's family says she was two months pregnant.

"I think they should just tear this place down, that's what I think," Beasley says. "They should just tear it down."

Temekia Reed, 24, turned herself in to authorities Tuesday morning. She's charged with first degree murder.

"I knew the little girl since she was a little baby," says Yvonne Hyter.

Hyter says Vinson was a talented young girl, a pastor's daughter who sang at a local church.

She says her life was taken far too soon.

"You know, she's gone to a better place and only God knows where her heart is at, but she will truly be missed," says Hyter.

Officers say more people could face charges soon.