CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- James Burchfield of ASAP tree services is suing his next door neighbor for violation of privacy after cameras were pointed at Burchfield's property.

Today a Catoosa County deputy was on the scene to investigate, but saw no crime.

"It just makes you feel uncomfortable, that's just the way it is," he says.

Last year, noise complaints poured into the county zoning office.

Burchfield house is zoned residential and not commercial.

Since it is considered a small home business with fewer than three workers, the county just told him to put up an 8-foot fence to cut down on noise.

That hasn't stopped the complaints, or neighbors from keeping a watchful eye.

Burchfield, "Since then I continue to get calls from zoning of people complaining. Sometimes it is noise. Sometimes it is starting the work too early."

Channel 3 checked with the county managers office and the county manager says so far Burchfield hasn't received a single citation, only warnings.

County Manager Mike Helton says, "They do what they normally do and that is record anything they find."

The county attorney's office plans to file an injunction to make him stop and those surveillance tapes may play a role.

One neighbor who put up the cameras tells us the tapes will prove this business should not be allowed in a residential zone.

Helton says, "Due to the fact more calls and complaints have come in and it seems to be growing all related to the noise. The community seems to be getting in an uproar."

Burchfield can continue to run his business until a cease and desist order is handed down.

Burchfield's court date is set for January 19, 2012.