CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- When a thief couldn't get cash from a cashier, he took his crime to a whole new level.

A clerk stood his ground, but a criminal wouldn't be dissuaded.  he pulled a pretty brazen move for a man wearing panty hose. 

"We always tend to see more robberies during the holidays.  It's Christmas time and people are short of money," says Chattanooga Police Officer Nathan Hartwig.

This year's no different.

The robbery happened in Brainerd at the Kangaroo convenience store at the corner of Brainerd and Moore Roads.

Stores like these are home to much activity in the daytime, but are often targets for bad guys in the overnight hours.

Flash to November 8th.

It's about a quarter after three am when surveillance cameras show a guy strolling in and the way he wears his panty hose is not a good sign.  

"This guy came in wearing a nylon over his head and he ordered the clerk to give him, open up the register and give him the money.  The clerk didn't do it, so the suspect just grabbed the register, ripped it off the counter and ran out the door," says Hartwig.

Signs make it clear the clerk had little to give him.    

The criminal is white, around 6 feet tall, light, maybe even gray colored hair,  wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans.

"I think that there's enough clarity in these photos that if someone will see the photos, they'll recognize him," says Hartwig.

And, you may recognize this thug's ride.

"A witness had seen him running from the store with the cash register and he got into an older model pick-up truck, kind of a faded red pick-up truck with a drive out tag," says Hartwig.

Put that face together with the getaway truck, we may have a case to get this crook in jail.

If you have any information, pick up the phone and call 698-3333.

Up to a $1,000 is up for grabs and no one will ever know it was you who provided the tip.