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UPDATE 2: Crews investigating fatal fire

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MARION COUNTY, TN (WRCB) --A Marion County fire, led to a gruesome discovery.

Investigators found a man's body in the burning home.

The fire happened on Aetna Mountain Road in the Whiteside Community.

The man who called 911 says it took half an hour for fire crews to arrive.

One last hot spot hangs on to life, 24 hours after fire ripped through a trailer home on Aetna Mountain Road.

An otherwise quiet and secluded community was alerted Tuesday night by Chris York's barking dogs.

"They barked and we thought somebody was in the driveway so we walked outside and we saw a big glow up there in the woods," says York.

The glow was coming from the home on the hill.

York didn't think anyone was inside.

He says the home didn't have electricity, and the man who lives there comes and goes.

"I ran up there but by the time I got there is was so blazed there was no way I could even get in there," says York.

It was later when fire fighters arrived, put out the flames and got inside that they discovered a man's body, charred beyond recognition. 

Investigators aren't sure who he is, but York says there was no saving the man.

York says it took 30 minutes for fire crews to arrive because a nearby underpass is too narrow for fire trucks to pass through.

"The only way the fire engine can get here is up the back way, they can't go through the railroad tressel, and then if a train is coming they can't cross the tracks, so by the time they got here it was pretty much gone," says York.

York says the fire has him thinking about his family's safety.

"Widen it and raise it up a little so the authorities and what have you can come up here in case of a fire," says York.

Marion county and the state arson and bomb squad are investigating.

The man's body was taken to the crime lab in Nashville for autopsy and identification.

Sheriff Bo Burnett says he hopes the autopsy will reveal if the man died before the fire or as a result of it.

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