CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) -- Bradley County Deputy Tim Bohannan put his life on the line to keep a bad situation from getting worse.  

Bohannon was on patrol when he saw a woman run a red light. As he drove up, he noticed she was unconscious behind the wheel.

Before the out-of-control car could reach oncoming traffic, Bohannon used his car to stop it.

"Split second decision, and in this case it probably saved someone's life," says Bradley County Sheriff Jim Ruth.

Ruth was proud to give Deputy Bohannon a lifesaving award.

On Wednesday, Bohannon watched a truck turn slowly through a red light off Treasury Drive onto APD-40.

Bohannon says, "I went to conduct a traffic stop, they didn't stop, they kept rolling down the bypass."

Bohannon radioed in, "they're not stopping, they're still rolling, it may be a welfare check here. We're driving in the grass on the median now."

At that point Bohannon realized something wasn't right, and quickly pulled up next to the slow rolling car.

"I looked in the side of the vehicle, it was an elderly female, unconscious," he says. "Basically the car was out of control."

The only thing preventing the runaway truck from oncoming traffic was the guardrail, that had about another 300 yards before it ran out.

Bohannon knew what he had to do.

"First thing that came to mind was get in front of her truck," he says.

Bohannon radioed in again, "it hit the front of my vehicle here, I'm trying to get it stopped, they're unresponsive."

Bohannon pinned his brakes and what seemed like forever was over in less than a minute. He alerted EMS, and the driver, unconscious but breathing was taken to Sky Ridge.

Meanwhile, Bohannon, who served one year in Iraq with the National Guard, says he didn't think twice before putting his life in danger.

"Being in Iraq with the military, that was more an honor than a job, and this is the same thing," he says. "It's more of an honor to do this work than a job."