CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- There were a few areas in the Tennessee Valley that got hit with snow Wednesday. 

The winter weather has some schools taking safety precautions by calling for delays Thursday morning.

Snow feel  in some of the higher elevations, like Monteagle, Signal Mountain and parts of Marion County, Wednesday.

In fact, that has Marion County Schools and Richard Hardy Memorial School on an hour and a half delay Thursday morning.

The roads on Tracy Mountain in Marion County are thawed out but school officials say they want to play it safe, so slick or slushy roads don't pose a danger for the morning commute.

You'll hear no complaints from Marion County High School junior Angie Talerico, "waking up late! Yeah, of course!"

Or from senior Lucretia Atterton, "we get to sleep in late, so I'm excited."

In fact, they're hoping to have a winter like last year's.

"We were out for a week," says Atterton.

"I hope it snows so we don't have to go to school tomorrow of Friday," adds Talerico.  "Usually when it gets any kind of cold, the mountain is the first place where the snow is and when it snows, it snows pretty hard."

Signal Mountain got its fair share too.

The roads are wet Wednesday night, as little reminders of the days snow sits in the grassy areas.

Signal mMuntain residents say: bring it on.

"My daughter Facebooked this afternoon and told me it was snowing and so I was excited to come back up the mountain and see it," says Donna Blair.

Also, one of the first places for winter weather to hit, Blair says she knows well to use caution on Signal Mountain's steep and winding roads.

"Have a four wheel drive and be very cautious of  what I'm doing and stay away from the cars in front of me," says Blair.

All agreeing, a snow-covered Tennessee Valley is a great place to be, as long as every one plays it safe.