CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The point cannot be stressed enough, do not leave valuables in your car, especially this time of year.

Crime Stoppers takes us to Hixson, and a rash of car break-ins.

As is always the case, police want to get these thugs behind bars. But, this case should serve as a warning to all on how to avoid being a victim while holiday shopping.

"They go and just use the credit cards, as long as they can, for as much as they can," said Chattanooga Police Detective Kendon Massengale.

This time of year, the crook will stop at nothing.  They are watching, waiting for you to park, seeing you leave your car.  Then, they look inside after you walk away.  If they see anything, a wallet, the handle of your purse, it is no problem to them to break your window and make off with your property.  You and you bank account are victims before you even know it.

Pictures of this week's suspect come from surveillance video from the Hixson Wal-mart.  The break-ins had been close by and just minutes earlier.  "I think these particular instances, they were at the Sports Barn and at a funeral home on Ashland Terrace," said Det. Massengale.

Police believe the woman, heavy-set, wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans, was aided by a man driving what looks to be a gold 4-door Buick.  If you know woman, you are going to recognize her from the pictures.  

These crooks have no shame, as proven by their purchases.  "Clothing, sometimes. Electronics," Massengale explained.  "It's usually not grocery items. They're not trying to support a family, it appears. Just music CDs. Anything like that."

Let's put and end to their spree, get some free cash in your pocket.  In the meantime, we can all change our bad habits.  "Keep the stuff out of your cars," said the detective.  "Lock your doors. Don't have anything visible in your car. Don't make it an easy target of opportunity for them."

These are not the only bandits out there pulling this trick, but it is time they see the inside of a jail cell.  If you have any information, we could have a cash reward for you, no questions asked. Pick up the phone and call 698-3333.  As always, your call is confidential.